Cleanse FAQ

Frequently asked questions

Why is Buda Juice more expensive than some juice bars?

Bottom line… we don’t cut corners. We make the purest juice possible, but that means higher costs.

USDA certified organic

Sourcing organic produce all year round isn’t cheap, but it’s the only option when you are talking about pounds and pounds of veggies and fruits that are meant to cleanse and detox your body. Who wants a side of GMO and pesticide with their juice?

Did you know that a juice bar can call themselves “organic” when only 70% of their produce is organic? And how do you know it’s always 70%… there might be some seasons where they just can’t find produce organically and fall below that threshold. We won’t even address how little organic might be in “organic where possible” or how not feasible “local and organic” is unless you live in California. In Texas, for example, there is organic produce only about 2 months out of the year.

We won’t juice if we can’t find it organically; and we have been certified by the USDA so you can rest assured everything in your bottle is truly organic.

Glass bottles

Glass is more expensive than plastic, but the payoffs are huge in terms of the environment and your body. Not only is glass 100% natural and completely recyclable (unlike plastic), but it is also chemical free. No hormones seeping into your juice.

State-of-the-art kitchen

We have a 5,000 square foot refrigerated kitchen in the Design District in Dallas, Texas. Most juice bars juice out of the unrefrigerated kitchen in the front and/or back of the store. Instead ours is SQF (Safe Quality Food Institute) certified, which means we maintain the highest standards and are also Juice HAACP certified to keep our juice as safe as possible. The Texas State Department of Health and FDA audit our kitchen annually. Juice bars are not audited and are not held to the same standards. Lastly, we choose to keep our kitchen at 35°F to maximize the nutrients and enzymes in the juice… it’s pretty chilly in there but we want to keep the juice alive and kicking. We brave the cold to bring you juice full of flavor and alive with nutritional goodness.

Operating our kitchen this way is more expensive (no other companies match this attention to quality)… but it’s the Buda way. The safety and quality and taste of our juice are critical.

How long will my juice last?

Buda Juice is fresh and raw. We do not pasteurize. This keeps the nutrients and enzymes living and intact and of course our juice does have a shorter shelf life than pasteurized or HPP (high pressure processed) juice. Each juice will have a consume by date on the cap. The juice is actually drinkable past this date but to maximize nutrients and enzymes we suggest drinking by the consume by date. And to ensure your juice stays at the peak of perfection, please keep it refrigerated.

FYI… did you know that you can only HPP juice that is in plastic bottles because HPP is like putting a plastic bottle at the bottom of the deepest ocean x 6. This pressure pushes all the air out (while also heating it up to a certain extent.) Can you imagine what the bottle looks like under this amount of pressure? Plastic is made from chemicals (often derived from petroleum products)… scary to think what is being released as the bottle is crushed under this weight!!

Why cold-pressed?

Most people enjoy getting their daily vitamins, minerals and enzymes from their juice. These benefits are quickly lost if you use a blender or centrifugal juicer. The benefit of cold pressing is that not only does pressing extract more juice and nutrients from the produce but it also minimizes exposure to air (and heat), slowing down the oxidation process and extending the shelf life of the nutrients so that the juice can be enjoyed a few days after pressing rather than right away.

Is my juice gluten free? Vegan? Nut free?

Yes, all of our juices are gluten free and vegan; and all except for our handmade Buda Milks are nut free as well. We are not a nut-free facility though, so there is the chance of cross contamination.

Why the simple menu?

We don’t go with the latest trend; rather we focus on the key nutrients our bodies need and blend them together to make our signature juices. From sweet to spicy, refreshing to smooth, leafy green to vibrant red, we offer a little something for everyone without overwhelming with too many choices.