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We believe in taking care of our planet and our bodies.

We believe in sustainability. We make the purest organic juice possible. We use glass.
We donate our pulp to local organic farms like Bonton Farms.

“Investing in the soil yields healthy plants; investing in the soul yields healthy people.”
- Bonton Farms

We are also proud to be part of Earth Day Texas.

We are passionate about what we do and love
impacting not only the health and happiness of our
customers but also our planet.

Are you ready to start fresh?

The Buda Cleanse is the perfect balance of greens, protein, fiber and flavors
to deliciously re-set and re-charge. Try our 1 or 3 day cleanse today.

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Not ready for a cleanse yet?
No problem.

Juicing doesn't have to be all or nothing. Just try one juice a day for a few days
a week and see how you feel. It's all about balance and evening out the indulgences
with something clean and simple, organic and delicious.

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What People Are Saying

Quite frankly my body craves its Buda Juice every day!

Buda Juice has helped round out my diet and help me receive vital vitamins and minerals my body needs to combat the stress of my training and active lifestyle. Being an endurance athlete I can tell a huge difference especially in the inflammation in my body. My joints don't ache like they have in the past and I recover better. I also feel the juice has helped boost my immune system.

There are no comparisons to Buda Juice. It is a one of a kind juicing company. No other place has offered fresh cold pressed juice that has the same refreshing, bold, full flavor profile than that of Buda Juice! It's so delicious that even the sweetest of processed juices doesn't stand up against it. Fresh is the best!!

-Kearci Smith
All American Triathlete (Ranked #8 in USA in 2016)

Cold pressed juices made with the finest and freshest ingredients. The juices are simple yet in a way that it suites any mood you're in. Feeling green? Get the #1. Want a nice sweet treat? Try the #2. I took home #4 blue lemonade & it was a great refresher to begin my day. The basilito soup was very new and fresh to me - I enjoy the fact that this is centrally located in Plano and is already made to go. No waiting for it to get juiced, no paper receipts so we can save the trees. This place has my heart. Thank you for your kind service today!

- Teresa Taponpanh

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